Rules for Payment of Admission & Tuition Fees

  1. Admission fees, session charge, monthly tuition fees, exam fees and bus fare should be paid by 11th to 25th of the running month to Trust Bank, Naval Base Branch, Chittagong.
  2. Monthly tuition fees are to be paid by the specific date. In case of delay of payment within the specific period the said tuition fees has to be paid with next month’s fees along with a fine of Tk. 100/- for each month.
  3. Student’s name will be struck off if fees are not paid for more than two months.
  4. Before paying the fees please read the instructions of the receipt book and fill up accordingly. It is a must.
  5. Students will have to pay prescribed examination fee for each term to Trust Bank.
  6. The rules of the payment of fees must be followed very strictly. No student will be allowed to sit for the examination without clearing all dues payable to school.
  7. Report card/transfer certificate will not be given unless a student clears all dues.
  8. Loss of receipt books will be replaced at a cost of Tk. 60/- from the office.
  9. If a student needs Transfer Certificate he has to submit to School Office the Pay Order Tk. 200/- from Trust Bank Naval Base Branch to The Principal, Navy Anchorage Chittagong.
  10. A student has to pay absent fine tk. 50/- per day to class teacher if he/she an absent for invalid reason.
  11. If any student fails to enter school in time, he/she has to pay Tk. 10/- for each day to class teacher.
  12. New student collect ID card/Escort card form from school office at a cost of Tk. 100/- each.
  13. If ID card/Escort card lost in this case student can collect a new one from office at a cost of Tk. 100/- each.
  14. If there is any query regarding any information please contact the office in the following number. Navy Anchorage Chittagong, Phone Number: 740391-9 Ext: 4553, Mobile Number 01785631288.