Code of Conduct

Students hailing from different strata of society will maintain a common conduct & behavior in the institution as under:


  • Regular presence in the school in time as per routine.
  • Attentiveness in the classroom instruction and coaching classes.
  • Timely preparation of lesson and appearing at all kind of Tests & Examinations without missing.
  • Following teachers’ instruction/ advice.
  • Competitiveness for better result.
  • Seek advice from teachers and fellow students for improvement and resolving of problems/shortcomings.
  • Participation in curricular & co-curricular activities.



  • Being punctual in the school.
  • Wearing proper uniform and maintaining of good turnout & bearing.
  • Carrying of school/college ID card.
  • Keeping own classroom & school/college premises clean.
  • Taking care of school/college properties and not damaging or causing loss or damage of property of the institution.
  • Not breaching or instigating anybody to breach discipline or cause disturbance in the institution.
  • Refraining from political activities.
  • Not being involved in any kind of anti-social/unsocial or subversive activities that go against the interest of the state and the institution or humanity which is a punishable crime.
  • Following of school/college regulations and orders/order of the authority.
  • Upholding the traditions of the school/college.


Moral Character

  • Being truth and not to lie, cheat or steel.
  • Showing love and respect to teachers, staff and fellow students.
  • Not involving in quarrelling or hurting or instigating others to do so.
  • Not involving in unsocial activities or illicit relation with anybody.
  • Not to involve in/do eve-teasing.
  • Maintaining friendly and respectful relation with others.
  • Nourishing an ideal character in self.


Students are to follow the instruction provided by the school in order to maintain discipline.

  • Students are to enter into the school premises within 8.15am. Gate will be locked after 8.15am
  • All students are to attend morning assembly at 8.15 am.
  • Students are allowed to go out of their classroom during tiffin period. But they are not allowed to leave the school premises.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the class after each period. In case of emergency they can take the teacher’s permission.
  • All students are to put on the school uniform and maintain the cleanliness; Boys are to trim their hair. Hair should not be trimmed in such a way that it looks absurd or odd. Girls are to tie their hair with white ribbon or band in two pony tails braided, nails should be properly trimmed. No fancy ear top, watch or hair clips or make up in allowed for the girls.
  • The dirty of class room and waste of tiffin should be put in a preserved basket. Students are not allowed to throw the litter or wet materials here and there of the school campus.
  • Students are not allowed to carry any unnecessary books, copies, newspaper or magazine to school. They should not bring Pen drive or CD/DVD, memory card, mobile & laptop.
  • If any students are found humiliating or unloading any picture of institution, teachers or students in Internet or Facebook, he/she will be considered as a guilty person and severe punishment will be given in this regard.
  • No students with school uniform of Navy Anchorage Chittagong are allowed to go and loiter anywhere out of the school premises during class hour.
  • Above all, no students are allowed to breach the discipline of the institution, damage school property or defame the institution.