Suggestions to parents

A student can be an ideal person through the utmost effort of parents and teachers. Guardians are to be concerned besides the educational institution.

  • Everyone whether your son/daughter comes to school regularly and punctually in the working days and returns home in due time.
  • Co-operation is expected regarding the cleanliness of the uniform, ID card, Shoes.
  • When your ward comes back at home please check his/her diary and find out the lessons imparted in different periods. If you have any query/opinion, please write in the provided column of the diary and put your signature at the below of the page.
  • Answer scripts & report card will be sent for your concern/observation.
  • Please keep in touch with the class teacher regarding the students and conduct of your wards (as per pen picture).
  • You are requested to go through the rules and advice set for the students by the school authority and ask their wards to abide by those and assist them in this regard.
  • Please make sure that your wards are not carrying any mobile/expensive illegal electrical gadgets to school.
  • If you have any opinion, objection or valuable suggestion, please forward it to the authority through the class teacher. Regarding the progress in study and character building of the children it is expected that the guardian would give active and spontaneous support to the teachers.
  • For the security and safety of the students’ parents/guardian are requested to obtain ID card/Escort card and show that to duty guard while entering the school premises.

Disciplining your child may be required;

but in his/her early ages while there is hope.