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Welcome to the website of Navy Anchorage Chittagong. This school provides a holistic learning environment and facilitates communication and interaction between teachers, students, and parents The school aims to focus on preparing the students to best meet the challenges in a proactive manner.

This Website is intended to provide a brief, concise and understandable overview of some of the most important opportunities and expectations that anchor our program. It thus serves as a guide for parents and students to the policies and procedures to be followed. As with any guide, it only serves as a frame work for activities planned.

Please visit this Website with your child and feel free to contact the Principal, Vice-Principal, Coordinators, Teachers or staff, through telephone, e-mail or student school diary, if you have any questions about our programs, rules, or policies. We will do our best to address your concerns.

Good Luck!



Navy Anchorage Chittagong.